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Webui -issue


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Hi everyone

I have windows7 64bits

Utorrent 2.0 b17668

Router Dir-825

webui setting username and password set

port 42115

port forward on router 42115 on my PC

when I type

the username and password pop windows come and I can go in the webui interface

when I type


firefox or IE can.t get the connection

My ip is good

when I look my open port ....42115 is open

any clue where I should look more to resolve this issue

Thank you

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Yes I was, but I have also install NOIP set up my account


without any success

is there an easy way to try something very simple first directly by windows to see if the router or windows is like "enable" to let me have access to my pc remotely?

Not sure if that can help someone

when I type either




that bring me to my router which mean that inbound connect work

but everytime I try to write a port #....no connection establish

PS.....I will desactivate the remote management for now.

thank again

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Ok I will try few thing with the router...

that will make sense too the netgear router I had before was working great ...but since I have the dlink....never have time to play with it

I give it a try and I wll do a follow up after .....if I find something

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