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Port issue


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I constantly have the red exclamation point - yet when I click on it Speed Check tells me the port I'm using is open and functioning properly. I have no difficulty with uploading or downloading torrents as far as I can tell.

I've installed Port Forwarding, changed ports 3 times and it never changes.

I'm using 1.8.5 (build 17414) and have used utorrent for several years without dificulty, though I recently installed a new Actiontec modem/router and have done everything necessary to set it up properly.

I used to be able to get yellow and even green symbols most of the time until I installed the Port Forwarding program and made a major effort to set things up correctly.

Having read the posts from syfer and vorgier, is it possible that there is a bug??

I just installed the beta uTorrent 2.0 and am still having the same thing. Speed/settings test tells me everthing is fine and the port is open etc. The symbol in the tray is still a red exclamation point. Which is true?

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