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uTorrent chokes unrelated ssh even on a different network


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Windows XP, uTorrent 1.8.5

I am running uTorrent on a default gateway

and I am also running an ssh port forwarding to Giganews for nntp - either on the same network adapter,

or on entirely different one, using another ISP.

Even if a different ISP/network adapter and gateway is used, still, if uTorrent is running then ssh is very slow to connect and nntp download speed is 0.

When uTorrent is switched off - ssh connects at once, and nntp speed is normal.

When uTorrent is started while nntp download is running, nntp speed drops to 0, when uTorrent is killed - nntp speed returns to normal.

This occurs if the same or different ISP(network adapter/gateway) is used for ssh, no difference.

Direct connection to giganews (not through ssh) is fine, uTorrent does not affect it as long as the global maximum number of connections in uTorrent is reasonably low.

I'm not sure when this started, but I am pretty sure that some older versions of uTorrent had no such problem (or perhaps windows updates caused the problem?)

I need ssh for nntp because during day hours it is several times faster for me to use ssh-port forwarding through my office network rather than going directly to the Giganews server through one of my ISPs - but then I cannot use uTorrent.

Any ideas?

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I am using nod32 (antivirus only) and Windows XP built-in firewall

Somehow uTorrent affects only ssh, not only downloading through ssh but even establishing ssh connection.

Direct downloads work just fine on condition that the number of connections allowed in uTorrent is not too high,

sometimes if uTorrent chockes everything, closing it and restarting solves the problem, but not for ssh

I probably should try stopping all the downloads in uTorrent and see if it still affects ssh even then - my guess is - it will.


Sorry for troubling you - I found my half-open number set to 24 (!!!) I honestly don't even remember doing such a stupid thing, I don't remember doing anything in advanced settings recently.

So I need to drink less :)

Anyway, it did not affect direct connections, but ssh only .....

With half-open=8 and uTorrent running, ssh is working nicely, getting about 70 Mbps from giganews right now during difficult evening hours here in Europe.

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