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1.8.5 still crashes all the time


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Two days ago I updated my Utorrent version to 1.8.5

Since then, this is what happens:

* when I run Ut, it takes a long time to check the files that were being downloaded before. In the colum ESTADO -I've got the spanish version, but in english it would be STATE or some similar word- the active torrents start to be checked one by one (COMPROBANDO: check in xx%) and takes a long time, about 10 minutes, for each torrent to start downloading. When one torrent is checked, another one starts the same rutine

* but it ALWAYS happens that before all the last active torrent is checked -I've got only 6 allowed at the same time- the program CRASHES. It happens all the time. And sometimes UT makes all the computer crash, so I've got to reboot my PC.

I've got NORTON ANTIVIRUS, and I've given all the permissions to Ut. I've also checked my PC searching for malaware or any kind of viruses. Nothing's found.

Can you help me?


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