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speed problems and yellow triangle at bottom of screen--


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ok i need some help because im completely stupid when it comes to computers but here is whats going on. i downloaded utorrent about a week ago and it was slow so i tryed to speed it up following the basic guidelines and following the steps......but now its all screwed up. first off im running windows vista with amd turion x2 64, if that helps also im bouncing off a wireless signal thats never over 2 bars and i dont know where the signal is it says belkin 54g its unsecured...ok next when i ran the connection speed test i ran it several times from speedtest.net it showed me that my upload was 2.09mb/s and my download speed was 0.24mb/s ping was 49ms....ok so i did it several times now i get readings such as upload is 1253kb/s and download is 2254kb/s and ping is at 65 and thats only a few of the readings they are all different.....now when it comes to computers im stupid i dont know what any of that means, where to find it on the connection spot in speed guide they all have xx/a number then k, i dont understand that if i have to convert something how do i do it and how do i determine what to click on.. now the next problem is no incoming connection triangle comes and goes sometimes its green but now it yellow, i tested the port and it says to go to portfoward.com which i have done but that info says something about routers and modems and those are the things that i dont have im just using my built in wifi stuff on my laptop.... so if anyone can help i would sure be grateful but do remember i will have to probably be walked through it due to my lack of knowledge (im an idiot with this stuff) thankyou for anything u can do

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Speed Guide CTRL+G xx/## k is upload speed in kilobits/second (thus the 'k').

xx/256k = 256 kilobits/second upload bandwidth

It is inadvisable even with a GOOD connection to use a setting higher than your line is rated.

Belkin routers are often trash that cannot handle >60 connections at once.

The weak wireless signal makes that almost a guarantee.

You probably shouldn't be trying to change settings on that remote router, at best try UPnP...if it doesn't work, you're stuck firewalled in uTorrent (always red at bottom).

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