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ISP/Router producing seriously slow torrents & disabling browsing


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I recently got my Virgin broadband package transferred from a fiber optic address to an ADSL address. I had no problems with the fiberoptic line, speeds were fine, and I was on 10MB/s.

Now, though, I'm on a 6MB/s ADSL line, but the 6MB/s speed doesn't bother me, I mean who ever uses their line's full potential. It's the fact that my download speeds are all under 10kb/s, even after configuring my router, opening a fresh port.

Another thing is when I start downloading torrents, no matter how slow they're going, browsing webpages becomes somehow disabled.

My router is a D-Link DSL-1640R, and I've tried to configure and re-configure my static I.P address, subnet mask, default gatewat and DNS servers a number of times. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've never had problems on an ADSL line before, because before I was with BT Openworld, still on 6MB/s, but speeds were fine. My guess it's how I'm configuring my router, but to be honest I'm still quite a noob with it all I was just trying to follow portforward.com.

Any help would be greatlu appreciated.



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