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Help with Moving Files Around Post-Download


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I have two external hard drives, and I want to devote one to one type of files and the other for another, but both have both types of files on them, so I move them around and on utorrent they all display error messages, like

Error: can't open .torrent file: J:\...

for these files I cannot find a way to get utorrent to recognize the location, unless I reload the torrent and change the download location while its redownloading.

for other files utorrent has seemed to have found them, and is checking them.

for other files that have moved away from the designated downloading spot, utorrent is redownloading them.

and so on. Outside of setting the download location for each of my 200- something torrents and letting them redownload onto the different locations, how can I get utorrent to recognize the new locations? Is there an option in the program that lets me change the location post-download to somewhere else?

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