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Super newbie question - Not connecting to seeds


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Hi all,

I'm sure this question has been answered elsewhere but evidently my "search skills" are weak.

There are several torrents I'm currently getting no movement on and I'm curious as to why.

The "Seeds" column shows 0(2) and the "Peers" column shows 0(1). I've tried downloading the torrent file a couple times and the site indicates two active seeders.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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>Are you seeding the torrent or downloading?


>Is your client reachable?

I assume so since other torrents have been successfully up/down loaded. I may have misunderstood the question though.

>How long are you waiting?

Over 24 hours. Probably closer to 48 hours.

>Have you tested other torrents?

Other torrents are downloading/uploading.

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>Does uTorrent get the green light with checkmark in it at the bottom center of its window?


Well this is weird (maybe it's not)...

I have a little "caution" sign aka yellow triangle BUT I just started a new torrent as a a test and it's coming in just fine.

Any ideas?

And thanks for the reply.

Edit: It appears I'm not connecting to the original seed "0(1)" just grabbing bits from the other leechers "11(18)". Checking over the links you suggested now.

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