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Seeds and Peers not connecting


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First up I've read through the FAQs and MANY posts to no avail so far....

If I overlooked the answer, please poit me in the right direction...

Up till yesterday afternoon I've been rinning uTorrent 1.4 with no problems... Happiply downloading and seeding away...

Then I shut it down to install TurboLister and Gmail Notifier (not desktop)...

Now when I load a torrent it just sits there and looks stupidly at me...

Basically it will load the torrent and check it against whatever I already have.. That all works fine...

Then it will sit there and say 0 of 20 seeds connected.... 0 of 20 peers connected (or however many there are)

I appear on the tracker with all the right details...

The port is open...

It will do it with a new torrent (ie Where I'm starting at 0%)

This is what I have done to try and rectify it...

Unistalled TurboLister and Gmail Notifier... NO JOY

Checked for Adware with AdAware Pro... NO JOY

Rebooted my router (WRT54G with DD-WRT v23final on it)... NO JOY

Ran through the vairous WRT54G fixes.... NO JOY

Tried a different client (both ABC and BitTornado)... NO JOY

Asked you guys.... PLEASE GIVE ME JOY

Hope someone can help

Some extra details:

I use a wireless ISP so there is no ADSL modem....

I connect to them via PPPoE....

They have opened port 32459 for me, so that is the only port I can use (I could ask nicely for another one I guess)

I cant think of anything else to tell you :)

[EDIT] Just noticed something weird... When I have uTorrent open, but not d/ling anything, port 32459 is open.... However when I closed uTorrent then port 32459 is closed... I don;t have uPnP enabled or anything... I use https://www.grc.com/x/portprobe=32459 to check my ports....

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I used to see network OK (I think) or at least nothing... I was never, and still not, getting listen error... Currently nothing appears...

Tracker status was 'working' and I've tried it with mulitple trackers... Like the OpenOffice torrent

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Already running beta 425... Sorry forgot to mention that I tried it after I started having these problems...

I try deleting the settings and start again... Thanks... [EDIT] umm I cant seem to find them ? [EDIT] Don't worry bout me.. It helps if I turn on hidden files :D

Already done the tcpip.sys patch some time ago... but I'll redo it just in case... Thanks again

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OK running 425 (already was) , deleted all old setting files and created new ones and patched tcpip.sys to 100 (was 100)

Still nothing.... The problem doesn't seem to be uTorrent itself, as I have the same problem with other clients...

Probably Windows, XP Pro SP2.... Any other ideas?

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Well that seems to have improved things a bit... but it is very slow, probably because only one seeder is using Azereus... The rest are using older version of uTorrent, BitComet and BitTornado :(

One thing though... Shouldn't I only need Protocol Encryption if my ISP is shaping torrents? My ISP has specifically told me that they are NOT shaping P2P...

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@shadek: I have no modem. My WRT54G is connected directly to a 24dBi antenna and connects to a wireless ISP via PPPoE.

I decided to give my ISP the beneift of the doubt and assume that something was up with Windows. So I backed up my data and formatted the hard drive. Did a clean install with just bare basics and uTorrent. The only time I every connect to anyone is when I turn on Encryption Protocol. So I take it this means I am definately being shaped?

Is it possible that the shaping is being done by their backhaul provider rather than the ISP themselves? The reason I ask is because I know these people reasonably well and they had no problems assigning an open port for me. They know what port I'm using and it's the only one open. So they could just close it or shape the port rather than shaping P2P.

Well I've left messages for them so we'll see what happens.

Thanks for all your help guys :) If anybody thinks of something else that could be causing my problems, please let me know.

[EDIT] Well all is now fixed... I was my ISP but not deliberate... They moved me over to a new server and backbone cable and hadn't configured it properly :( But all is now good with the world again... Thanks again for all your help

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