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uTorrent kills all other network traffic, Windows 7 x64


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This problem is driving me mad, as soon as i open uTorrent all network traffic outside uTorrent stops working, browser, games etc. I cant even open google!

First i thought it was the network card since its been troubling me in win 7 since beta. So i bought a new network adapter. It can neither be the router cause everything works just fine from my laptop with identical settings, the laptop runs Win 7 x86. I havent been able to use uTorrent at the same time as im using my computer for months now. And ive tried every fix i found, including changing registry entries, different routers and fiddled with settings. And yes, ive port forwarded and set static IP etc. As mentioned it all works like a charm from my laptop with excact same settings.

I dont know what to do anymore but to reinstall Win 7 but its not more than a 3 months old install.

my system specs

OS: Windows 7 proffesional x64

Motherboard: XFX Nvidia 780i

CPU: Intel Q9550

GFC: 9800gtx+

mem: OCZ 4GB ddr2

Network: Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family PCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)

Router/modem: Netgear Wireless cable voice gateway cg3100

Internet 100/10

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I have this same problem under Windows XP. I posted it under speed problems forum though. Our systems have nothing in common. It doesn't seem to be a problem with utorrent 1.8.x and up in particular. I tried utorrent 1.6.1 and although the problem still persisted to some degree, it was at least possible to google and do other things. What applications are you running in the background?

I've also tried all the recommended settings for people having speed problems and nothing has worked.

Edit: hmm just found this sticky about NOD32 http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34527

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Make sure you don't have a soft-/hardware firewall or router blocking you connection.Also check virus, spyware or any other malware using your bandwidth. Are you using your Internet bandwidth to communicate with another software (monitoring remote video cameras or something like this). Do you share the Internet connection?

I use a router and I have forwarded all ports 1024-65535 to the port 14240 (utorrent listening port) and I have COMODO Internet Security (Firewall and Defense+ only), I have open all ports 1024-65535 and allowed almost all protocols except some ICMP messages that the firewall self-configures and I have no problems at all. My Internet connection is only 384 Kbps and on well seeded torrent I get the full bandwidth for download (of course I have to reduce the max. upload speed, which is 142Kbps to achieve max. download speed of 37KB/s.) and I need to reduce the 'Global Download Rate Limit' to 25 KB/s so I can surf the Web. Also check that 'net.max_halfopen' is not too hihg, WinXP/Vista/7 only allow 10 so this value should be max. 80% of it or 8 (recomemnded by uTorrent).

I hope it helps, good luck.

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I disagree, all other ports (1024-65536) are used to establish communications, are safe to use and you get download sources faster reaching max. download speed faster, as I have experienced, allowing only the listening port in a Router/Firewall is an unnecessary bottleneck. My Firewall groups ports 0-1023 as 'Privileged Ports' and I have set rules to never use those ports for in- nor outbound connections, also set the Router to never forward those ports.

I have read a little about the Privileged Ports and the only ones capable to leave dangerous open doors are in that range, so no need to be so strict. My router only lets me forward to a single port so I forward all ports to the listening port.

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I'm having the same issues since going to Windows 7. It is very frustrating. Only I'm running Windows 7 x86.

I'm constantly having to reset my WRT54G because most traffic stops. Unfortunately it's to the point where I have to look for another bittorrent client.

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i have same problem on Win7x64 Ultimate

when torrent works RasClient always crashes after some short time

I tried another bittorrent clients and got same result

motherboard P5N32E SLI+

nForce 650i

nForce network software uninstalled

Windows firewall service stopped

Nod32v4 excluded utorrent.exe

i used only 1 cpu on utorrent.exe process and still same.

Win7x64 Ultimate don't have any tcpip limits but if there is any limit anyway it never crashed RasClient and my vpn connection.

Error VPN receives Event ID 20227 with failure 0

and when windows tries to establish a VPN

it receives Event ID 20227 with failure 878

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Ok i found the solution. I have a laptop and the same thing happens to me. I analized the packets and i found the problem. The problem is the IPv6 if you use Firefox.


Open Firefox and in the adressbar write: about:config -> serch for network.dns.disableIPv6 and double click on it. After that restart your uTorrent and Firefox and you will not have problem.

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Zolika, can you explain how you analyzed the packets and what you think the ipv6 issue may be? I was having the exact same issues except with XP Pro, Comcast (Colorado), Windows Firewall, and I could do a "repair" on the wifi and it'd come back (though I spent months power cycling the WRT54G!) It seems now like the disabling of ipv6 in Firefox had made a difference (more time will tell.) Ie did the same thing, by the way.

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having the same problem under vista 32bit.

if it's router (belkin) problem, then it only started after I installed latest version (build 17774), since I never had this problem before.

it seems that it happens when utorrent tries to connect to tracker. tried everything, including the ipv6 fix posted in this thread, nothing.

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Here disconnections started to appear after moving from Win Vista x64 to Win 7 x64.

Possible cause: router firewall's IP Flood detection was enabled.


In Vista I had uTorrent 1.8.2 and it worked fine, didn't get disconnected much of the time. After installing Win7 I also installed uTorrent 2.0 and these problems begin to appear. Looking to my router's (Scientific Atlanta) Event logging revealed 1000-4000 "LAN-side UDP Flood" counts at a time that were always timestamped when the connection went down. Disconnections ceased after disabling "IP Flood detection" in the router.

My guess is that the rounter couldn't handle the new UDP based uTP protocol.

So if you are experiencing this problem and your machine is behind a router, then check if the router is trying to monitor the UDP traffic and if so, remove any logging procedure so that the poor thing don't get too much to work on.

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