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Utorrent crash because I didnt uninstall?


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Utorrent have been crashing quite often ... even more so since 425.

I'm still new to utorrent. I've been upgrading without uninstall older version. Just wondering if I uninstall, do I have to reload the torrents again? It will be quite troublesome for me to do so as I have different download folders for different torrents. Have about 38 torrents currently.

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I dont have anything listed under incompatible software. Havent heard of TrueCrypt so I shouldnt have it...

AMD 2200+ w/ 1GB RAM

NDVIA GeForce Ti4200 w/ AGP8X Video controller

Running on SP2

Cable connection at 170Kb download speed (tested)

I usually get around 25-70kbps total d/l speed for all torrents

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker - disabled because it would freeze all ports if it detects any slight intrusion or port scan.

Latest VIA drivers

MSI 6712 Motherboad w/ latest Bios

System Mechanic Pro 6 - Not sure if this could be cause

Once in a couple of days to a week, I may get blue screen error like IRQ.

I ask about uninstall question cause since upgraded to newer versions like 420 and 425, there is no longer shortcut to run utorrent program. I have to run uTorrent from the downloaded setup file direct.

Have delete settings.dat and setting.dat.old as instructed.

Configured as follows:

Port 16882

Global max conn - 400

Max no of connected peers - 150

Max no of active torrents - 80

Max no of active d/l - 50

Netmax halfopen - *64

Rest is default

Have done TCPIP patch previously

BTW, just reformatted hdd 2 weeks+ back so shouldnt have too much crap in my pc.

Appreciate your help.

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