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Speed problem


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Hi, I have previously used all the speed/tweak guides before today and I have open ports, I did choose my upload speed from the Quick Speed Guide earlier, but it didn't change much, actually made it a little slower, so I will go through the tweaks again.

But I still dont get good speeds, I have the yellow triangle and sometimes it just randomly goes up to really good speeds like with a file I was downloading earlier 400kb/s but shot right back down.

I am on BT Total Broadband so I know they throttle but I download mainly after hours because of this, i'm on a wired connection around 3mb/s download 250kb upload, i'm on Cable.

Also my ports dont open either, I had the red symbol earlier and changed some settings through the router to get the yellow triangle, also I have tried disabling the Firewall to no avail and i'm using AVG Anti-Virus on XP SP3, just reply if any more information is needed. (I have definetely done the correct stuff to open the ports, since I have had problems before and fixed them)

How can I get rid of this yellow triangle and open my ports?

EDIT: The light has now turned red, but I still got a 300kb/s on Openoffice.


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