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Was fine with 1.6.1 refused to upgrade on accident i did


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What's up I'm Styleten,

When ever my drive crashed and i had to repopulate my uTorrent i used build 1.6.1

After repopulating it this week it auto updated. I forgot to turn it off. I"m unsure how to go back to 1.6.1

Can i just re-download it with out losing all the info i populated. I spend ours re linking names to files, forcing restarts and getting everything connectable.

Here is the real problem. I feel if i were on 1.6.1 i'd be free of this problem since its as new a problem as the auto update my uT has done.

In opera browser on my home page any of the speed dials i click open uTorrent and i get an error message.

My actions aren't supposed to interact wit uTorrent cause I'm just clicking on websites i want to visit.

How do i disassociate the two softwares?

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