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Tech chalenged! Get "error: cannot open Torrent file..."


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I looked at 2008 ans.& it did not help. Here is the u torrent error message:

Name # Size Done Status Seeds Peers Down Speed Up Speed ETA Uploaded Ratio Avail. Label Added On Completed On

The SXXX.pdf 0.0 % Error: Can't open .torrent file: F:\60 gig downloads\The Sxxx.pdf.1.torrent 0 (0) 0 (0) 3.66 MB 5.341 0.000 12/31/2009 5:18:54 PM 12/31/2009 5:21:54 PM

When I "right click" "Open container file" The file does open"

I have NO idea what to do, but all 50+ torrents have the same error and I DO want to seed

Suggestions Please and Thank You

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Sorry for delay on reply, been sick.

Have not done Scandisk or chkdsk on this hdd.

Did move files earlyer, 30+ days ago and simply decided those files where not going to be able to seed.

These files have been seeding ok until this error message

Files in question are on an external tetra drive.

Thank you for patience and help

P.S. have read FAQ and other references suggested.

May have missed something.

Tch challenged.. Grand daughter had to show me how to lock / unlock key pad on cell phone.

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