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Did everything and something weird still goes on!


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uTorrent 1.8.5

Comodo Internet Security with uTorrent added to safe files at Firewall and Defense+

Regular Firewall turned off.

Configured it the way you guys told me.(Moderators 2nd link in his signature)

Forwarded to port number 40142 and everything gives me a green light.

My problem:

Average files have no problem downloading, something that's around 1.5 gigs. My connection is fairly slow so my max download is 100 kb/s .

As soon as I start downloading a file that's big (this one is 7.2 gigs) the speed just goes to around 10,with occasional rushes to 50+ which i'm ok with.

There are 500 seeders and 1900 peers so there should be no problem getting at least 30 kb/s.

Again, I have no such problem with smaller torrents. I recently downloaded HL2:Episode Two from steam which was 8.8 gigs in size, and i was getting it with a 100 kb/s . I know it's a direct download and has nothing to do with p2p, but it shows that the problem isn't caused by some other sort of limitation. Oh, and my upload is max 15 kb/s, but it's locked at 10+ here while my dl is mostly 10- .

I also did the tweeking you guys put in your faq. Like disable UPnP and all that.

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Other peers spend most of their upload...uploading to peers that give them the most in return.

If your total upload speed is 15 KB/sec, you're probably not one of them unless your total upload slots is less than 6. (That's total upload slots on ALL your torrents...so if you have 2 torrents with 3 upload slots each, that's 6 upload slots total.)

Seeds have no incentive to give anything...and often don't if they're connected to lots of peers but only uploading to a few at a time.

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