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Leave disconnected peers in the peers list


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It already does. It only removes them after 30 minutes.

Hmmm, I've been watching the peers list quite closely and it seems a lot less than 30 minutes before some of them are removed from the list once they become inactive.

Anyway, if they could be left there permanently for the session it'd be nice. :)

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I mean, they get disconnected, but it doesn't actually discard the data stats or remove them from the internal peerlist after about 30 minutes

Yes, I noticed that. When a peer disappears from the list but then re-connects later and reappears in the list, all the stats are continued from where it left off which is great.

It's just hard to keep track of certain peers when they're not visible to you on the list even if they're being tracked internally by the program, if you see what I mean. :P

I know I'm a geek, but not that much of an uber geek to keep watch on the list all the time! hehe.

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