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Speed Limiting at School?!


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Hi, first post here.

Over winter break I decided to use my schools connection to do some torrent downloading for some files I needed. Since I pay for internet at my school and I can download as much as I want I figured id take advantage of their unmetered 100mbit connection. (I do have to login and I AM downloading legal files.) At home I have 170gb a month on a 50mbit connection. I really just don't want to use 100 of those gigs in a day.

So heres what baffles me. I am using uTorrent to download the files but I am only getting 1.5MB/s at school but getting 3-4MB/s at home. So I'm basically trying to figure out why i'm not getting closer to 10MB/s.

When I run a speed test at school on pretty much any server I can find it is always at 94-98mb/s.

- Port set to random and every time I check I am accepting incoming connections..i don't need to forward the ports.

- I don't know if its QoS limiting me..I have encryption set to forced and I have port set to random. (has no affect on speed one way or the other)

- I am using the same notebook on both connections and its nice enough to not be the bottleneck.

- The torrents themselves are massively seeded and are also for SURE not limiting me.

- I have the half open connections as well as my TCP stack tuned and everything should be good there. (note: half open connections set in both uTor and on the computer)

I don't have access to the router and cant change any settings. I'm not ready to give up on this just yet and I want to figure out what is limiting me exactly.

So this makes me think possibly each IP is limited to 1.5 MB/s?? But, would that not limit my speed test results? Perhaps the test is not long enough to limit it? Otherwise I'm thinking a certain range of ports is limited..Can I set uTor to use port 80 or something? Not sure if that would make a difference.

What do you guys think?

I am going to run glasnost when I get back to school tomorrow.


The more I think about it I am pretty sure its QoS slowing me down actually. I am able to surf the web just fine while downloading at 1.5MB/s on the school connection...I had thought that forcing encryption on is supposed to make torrent traffic unrecognizable to QoS. Is it possible they are just limiting all traffic that isn't recognizable to 1.5MB/s?

Is there a way around this?

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Even encrypted, uTorrent's traffic has obvious patterns. All incoming connections are bound to a single listening port. Outgoing connections are not to the standard HTTP port 80. The rate at which uTorrent makes new outgoing connections can be both rapid and regular with busy torrents.

Regular tracker updates are *NOT* encrypted, which also gives away long lists of seed/peer ips that the ISP can auto-throttle/block/disrupt.

There are other ways too I sure...

I don't know if Glasnost can even handle a line that fast. It may test only up to 10-20 mbit/sec, at least on the upload side.

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