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Skipped files still downloading


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Whenever I try to only grab some of the files from a torrent, I always end up getting a bunch of files that I don't want. If the files are small it's just a little inconvenience but if they are larger in size then not only does it take up more room, I waste time downloading them that could be spent downloading the things I actually want.

I've unchecked the files i don't want on the initial pop-up window, and I went thru and marked them as "skip" in the files menu.

This is happening on uTorrent version 2.0 build 17668 on Windows 7.


EDIT: I feel I should specify, I don't do this because I am trying to download things sequentially, I just have no use and not much room for the other files (I'm on a laptop)

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My question is;

I have 100% ( 3-4 files with some AC3 separate dub files) of a torrent,

if I skip ("Don't download") the main movie file would I skip that file also from upload?

It didn't seem to be the case, I think I was uploading also that file which I skipped from dl.

I use 1.8.5 version on Win 7.

My second question is; to make sure I only upload the files I wanted(dubs) I copied them in a new folder named exactly the same, and downloaded again the torrent (skipping the file I don't want to seed) and when made the recheck it will always show less then 100%(99.4-99.9).

Why is that? When copying will get some parts missing or the recheck(hashing) is not perfect?

Thank you, sorry but I couldn't find threats answering these issues. Cheers

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Torrents work based off fixed-size chunks. Files often do not line up between these chunks, so when you skip files, there's always some data at the beginning and end of the file you do want that is part of a piece shared with another file. These extra parts must be stored, since the torrent needs the WHOLE piece.

When you move the files, this extra stored data is not moved with it, so it has to re-download the whole piece.

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I not agree with... "Cross-file pieces. Nothing can be done."

This is really issue.

If I'm downloading some HD series (14x 3GB files) and select to download only one file (second).

- It will create 3 GB first file, 3GB second file(which only I want), and 3 GB third file.

- This mean waste of 6 GB because of 2x 2MB "cross-file pieces"!

- Also please consider that creating 3GB file isn't task for 1 second. Even on my RAID 5 it takes few minutes.

- This is not acceptable BUG!

There shoud be some feature or option to block downloading cross-file pieces.

Or even better would be some improoved handling of cross-file pieces. (Like save theese 2MB piece in RAM, and then flush on disk only part that is required-not set as SKIP)

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