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Upload speed problem


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First time poster here, long time BT user. Have finally got stuck on an issue I can't solve!

Win 7 Ultimate, firewall on, uTorrent able to (and has) added exception

uTorrent 1.8.5

The machine in question has been Vista until a few weeks back. I did a reload from scratch to Win 7. Before killing Vista I took screen shots of all my uTorrent (and other) key settings which have been put back as were. Now its Win 7 I can download fine, I have the all essential green tick (and a manual port test works), but am not contributing by seeding. My uploads are just not uploading!

I've been reading around here and other spots. I've tried temporariliy disabling the Win 7 firewall. The network, router, etc, etc is all identicle to what was working before. As I said above I put my old settings back in, so same port, etc. I do get some minimal upload traffic, but I should be seeing a constant flow, and I'm not.

I see quick flashes of uplaod on the various seeding torrents, ie 0.1kB/s or 0.3kB/s, but nothing sustained. Not constant peers that I'm servicing.

Most of my torrents are via private tracker. I have plenty of credit, but that's not the point nor spirit, so I want to fix things. Any thoughts out there?

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Allow me to say this a little more definitively...

Cox and Rogers *BOTH* throttle BitTorrent.

There, done.

The conditions under which they throttle...are likely not to occur while doing the Glasnost tests.

You don't have hours of high bw, you don't have lots of connections, and you are using ip addresses I'm sure they have every intention...of passing with flying colors.

But having said that, EricSS I'd still expect you to be able to manage ~50 KB/sec upload speed.

junkorific, my research suggests you're going to be bloody lucky to upload faster than 10 KB/sec -- at least to someone NOT on Rogers.

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