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Crashing theory (not big bang..)


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Hi all

As some others I have experienced that my system crashed comletely shortly after launching utorrent. I've checked incompatible software, cleaned my hardware, run memtest etc.

Still crashing. BSOD memory something something.

But then I had a thought: Is it possible to have too many active torrents? it would probably be a driver issue, but is it imaginable that too many torrents results in too many "active" files.

meaning: too many places on the harddrive to write to. So data will keep stacking in the RAM, and as such crash the system.

Is it possible, you think?

I'm running windows7 on a dell xps m1330, 2,4 Ghz core2duo, 4 gb ram, 320 gb HDD 7200 rpm - if that has anything to say.... :)

but still: utorrent = wonderfull software

edit: crappit - this should ofcourse have been under troubleshooting

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