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Real Noob question ( I'm talking just out of the wrapper)


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I apologize for asking such a noob question, but is there an easier way to seed the files I've downloaded, or do I actually have to create a torrent for every file I wish to share. I got an external HDD for xmas, and was just shown the basics to get what I wanted.I was so excited, I downloaded a bunch of files, and removed them upon completion so could watch them. I wasn't shown how to upload what I have. My computer is on 24/7, so I'd like to give back. I've been through the forums, and guides for a couple of days, and haven't seen anything that answers my question specifically. What I mean is, that when a file is complete, it will show as seeding.If I leave it, it shows as uploading/seeding. I'm assuming ( and I know thats wrong) that if I'm seeding, others can get it.

So how do I put the files back in the list to seed? I'll make torrents if I have to, but I'm looking for an easier way. It would seem to me that if I didn't remove them from the list, then they would continue to seed. Is there a way to add downloaded files to the list? If you can help me I would truely appreciate it. My only other experience with P2P is music, so all I had to do then was point to a folder, and the other peers could get what they liked. Again I apologize for taking up your time, but hopefully this answer will help others who are just starting out.

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