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uTorrent Tracker Problems?? (time-out, offline)


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First of all, let me say that I took hours searching for answers to my problem but couldn't find the right one. :(

Now, the problem im having with utorrent is that every single tracker that is active except the DHT is offline.

The trackers that went offline is the following:




Both trackers suddenly went offline yesterday, and the strange thing is that they have been working for about 4 months. Also, I mainly use utorrent for seeding torrents that I have created and also the torrents I downloaded until 1.000 ratio.

My internet upload speed is 256 kiloBITS and I have four torrents active. I already know that for 256kb speed, my max active torrents should only be two or three. However, I have had five or six torrents active without having any problems for a long time.

Another weird thing that I found was that before the trackers went offline, there were about 23 seeds for one of the torrents I was seeding, and about 9 or 10 were from DHT network. Currently, I can't detect any seeders because the trackers are offline, and there are only 5 seeders in DHT. However, on the website of my torrent, it still says 25 seeders, which is strange for me because that would mean its my internet's fault isntead of the trackers.

So, I tried some of the things people have advised in this forum, such as changing the value of net.max_halfopen from 8 to 4, reinstalling utorrent, delete torrents and add them again. However, one thing I didn;t try was patching tcpip.sys, because I coudn't find the patcher, and I didn't exactly know what I was doing.

I have tried everything I can and now I'm very frustrated!! Please help!!!

by the way, this is the link to my torrent:


Please ask if there needs to be any clarification. Thank you.

I forgot to mention, I use the latest version of uTorrent, which is v.1.8.5 build 17414

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