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People can cheat with their ratio if they add new tracker to torrent


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I uploaded the same torrent on two different trackers today. First i uploaded the torrent to one tracker and one person downloaded it, and then i uploaded a new torrent for the same file to another tracker. And when i started the second torrent utorrent said that i already had that torrent in the torrent list and asked if i wanted to import the new tracker, i choosed yes. And then a person downloaded it from that tracker too. So then i had uploaded to one person on each tracker, 50mb to both trackers.

Then i noticed that µtorrent had reported all my upload to both trackers, so i got twice as much upload on both trackers. µtorrent reported 100mb to both trackers even though i only uploaded 50mb to each.

That can be used to cheat with ratio, and thats not good.

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This is another inherent flaw in the ratio tracker model.

It's so easy to cheat the ratios without doing anything that's actually harmful to the swarms.

In your case, you were bridging two swarms, which is actually helpful in most situations.

Any of the open-source BT clients can have as little as one line changed in them and have the ratios cheated.

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