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Regading Autoshutdowns after downloads


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Hi guys,

I schedule my downloads in utorrent from night 2 A.M to 8 A.M leaving my computer to automatically boot itself by that bios Autostart. When the system boots up the utorrent get started as its in startup. Now i have 2 cases

case 1:

Downloads finishes earlier than 8 a.m n im nt able to shudown my system coz im nt able to wake up by midnight n set the preference-shutdown when downloads complete....so feature request #1 :- i want a checkbox preference for ->{shutdown when downloads complete}

case 2:-

Download doesnt finish by 8 a.m. I stop all my downloads by the use of my scheduler(thanks for that one) and i use pc autoshutdown to shutdown my system at 8:15 a.m..so my feature request #2 :- i need a clock to shutdown my pc in utorrent itself(instead of goin for pc autoshutdown)

Thats all guys thanks


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