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what is the best isp for me to go for to get great download speeds


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for torrents.

i had been using my neigbours sky connection with permission i might add and the connection has been not too bad actually fantastic when you compare it to plus net who i just signed up with. Well thankfully there is a 14 day cooling off period which i will be utilizing but would love advice on who you guys thing i should switch too.

I dont what information you need but i live in london england and am pretty close to the exchange.

Thanks a million.

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Almost everything in the British Isles is bad, and finding exceptions will be difficult with the new very anti-BitTorrent policies ISPs are being forced by media industries to enact.

Anything not using Carphone Warehouse Broadband Services, OR BT Central, OR Virgin Media...might be good. You'll have to research from there.

Bigger ISPs are more likely to be bad. Even if a small ISP buys from BT Central, it's likely better than BT Central as it has less compelling reasons to screw over its customers.

Do the research! 1 year contracts are a long time to suffer for a mistake! ...You may be able to get out from under a contract if you defend that you are NOT receiving the service you're paying for.

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