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1.8.5 unsolid?


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I'm having a new problem, so perhaps its 1.8.5 related.

After working for some time (several hours, 5-10, sometimes more),

I see that both download and upload speeds go to 0, and nothing progresses.

Trying to exit utorrent, and relaunch, the new instance tells me there is a

copy in memory but its not responding.

After killing the non-responding process, relaunch works fine, and download/upload

resumes. Again, for several hours.

I'm running on win7. No firewall, no AV. When it works, it works fine. It stops working

when I'm away, so its not because of something I'm doing on the system.

BTW, memory usage of the hung process is about 35MB

Any ideas?

------------------------------------ solved -------------------------------------------------------

Seems that my router went gaga. After I reset the router (has been on for 9 months),

everything went back to normal.

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