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I can't install the package. When I click the install button, nothing happens. No error message, nothing. But really, I don't need an installer. Please, upload a zip file containing just the executable, I don't need an installer to copy the new exe into the utorrent directory

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Oh, I am sorry, I didn't realise first that the installer is required in order to install malware on the user's computer. You are good, I give you that. I usually smell malware 100 miles against the wind, but you actually managed to deceive me. I hope you feel real proud now. Your tactics is clever, indeed: Pretend to care about the utorrent users, warning them about scams, then install adware yourself.

I couldn't understand first what you mean by "SELF CONTAINED", but now I understand. The exe that is downloaded off your site is actually not a setup file, but the programme itself. It contains malicious code that executes in the form of an installer, trying to install the malware crap on the users' pc.

Now I realise that you want to earn some money for developing this programme. There are legitimate ways to do it. First, through donations. Second, if you really want to include malware crap in your distro, you need to make it very clear:

1) The download page must contain this information

2) The installer must specifically note that it installs MALWARE. Just saying that it installs the ASK bar is NOT enough.

3) The optional malware component must be UNchecked by DEFAULT during installation.

Otherwise you are deceiving users.

I am always suspicious when tiny programmes weighing 300 kbs are packaged in an installer. Who knows what kind of crap is installed along the way? Your refusal to provide a non-installer exe file made me even more suspicious. So I did some digging on the internet and Bingo! malware included. Fortunately, I found a modified utorrent file on the internet, where the malware crap has been ripped out.

and be done with it

oh, I'll be done with you all right, I promise you that. I'll never again install anything from your site. I'll also mention your policy regarding malware on every forum I'm a member of whenever an opportunity will present itself. And I'm a member of very many internet forums. I hope people will realise that your programme is scam and will stop downloading the original version that contains spyware

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