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Disconnecting from peers problem with multiple torrents


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I'm having a strange problem where the more active torrents I have going, the harder it is for me to connect to seeds and peers, up to the point where it begins to DISconnect me from them. This is typically what happens:

Torrent 1 is downloading at 150kB/s, connected to 60 seeds & 15 peers.

I then open 2 new torrents. After about 5 mins the first torrent drops speed down to about 10kB/s. Connected seeds start dropping and soon it reads 5 seeds & 3 peers.

The other 2 new torrents have similar numbers.

When I stop the 2 new torrents, the first torrent file shoots back up to 150kB/s with 60 seeds in mere seconds.

Is there something wrong with my uTorrent?

My settings are as follows:

Max upload rate: 92kb/s

Max download rate: Unlimited

Global max connections: 300

Max no. connected peers per torrent: 300

No. upload slots per torrent: 6

Max no. active torrents: 10

Max active downloads: 10

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