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append directory to RSS feed


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I am trying to use an rss feed for downloading. the rss feed, however, links to the page containing the download link and not the file itself. After doing a little investigation I found that the only difference between the "link" in the feed and the file download is that "/download.torrent" is appeneded to the end of the link in the rss feed. for example:

link in rss: hxxp://xxx.torrentsite.com/{GUID} <- webpage

.torrent file: hxxp://xxx.torrentsite.com/{GUID}/download.torrent

is there a way to append "/download.torrent" to the end of all the urls in the rss feed?

I have been looking arround in the fourm and I will continue to look and see if I find an answer. If someone already knows how to make this work I would appreciate a hand.


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