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Need help connecting to peers and UPLOAD


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Hi, I just installed windows7 from xp and this problem arose.


As you can see my upload speed is terrible, and I am connected to none of the peers.

Now before my upload wasnt that great either, just about 50kB/s, but it was a ton better than now.

Ive already tried a ton of stuff.

This img was taken while my computer had the following:

Windows Firewall off

The computer was the DMZ designated computer on my router.

Its a new windows install, so there are no other programs working against me at the moment.

After a d/l has finished, the torrent just sits there like its not even active, no data transfer whatsoever, maybe a byte here are there to some random peer, but usually nothing. =(

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Ok, one more thing, My peer list used to always be full of tons of peers, whether they were d/ling from me or not.

Now my Peers list on any torrent is always empty, with the occasional peer appearing and the disappearing from the list.

ANy thoughts?

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