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Previously Healthy Utorrent won't connect after ISP change


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Hey there,

I'm having a utorrent problem that is driving me friggen CRAZY. I was with telus for internt (high speed DSL). I have a few computers connected through a new linksys router. Everything was great. i could download at 600kb/s and up at around 90.

Now, I've switched service providers. The only thing that has changes is the plug going into my router. utorrent won't connect to a f'ing thing. All the trackers say "offline, timed out" or "connection closed by peer". My download won't go faster than 2kb/s. Sometimes they will jump up to 30 and then right back down again.

My ISP is supposed to give me 9mbps down and 3up, which I am not getting (3 and .5) so that is being looked into. Either way, I should be downloading at faster than 2 kb/s

My global max and max connections are 150 and 50. The utorrent port is open. Max half open is at 8. I did a check through that website to see if my new ISP is limiting torrents and it isn't.

Why do I do here? This is driving me insane!


Anyone?? Please!

I can't connect to any trackers and download speeds are sitting at 2kb/s

I've got through all the guides and the FAQ and have been searching for an answer for 2 days now.



ETA Members in another forum suggested I change my port to something between 40,000 and 60,000 which worked. I am now connecting to trackers. My download speeds are still slow though. Much slower than they should be. DSLreports came back with 7.5mbps down and I'm downloading at about 80kb/s

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