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read-only files


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I am a member of a private tracker. I am running windows xp and firefox 3.6.5.

I can not seem to upload any torrents to this site. The error message that I keep getting from the tracker site is,

"can't move the uploaded file" ---I have researched this error message for two days and not gotten a single search result. What am I doing wrong? what does this error message actually mean? Did my file upload and it now can not be moved? or did the torrent file NOT upload?

When I create the new torrent I am sure that the tracker address is correct. I am saving the actual torrent file in the folder that contains the mp3 files. Is that a potential problem?

I can not UN-CHECK the read-only attribute on both sound files. I have heard that read-only files can be problematic in some way.

Someone with a few minutes, can you please help me?!?!

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