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Can't get torrents to open in Bit Torrent


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Try this on for size.

put your pointer into the bottom bar and right click. click on the Task Manager to get that program up. go to the processes tab. click twice on the "image name" title so you get a reverse alpha listing of the running processes. Make sure there aren't two instances of uT running as the one in the background is preventing the new one from displaying a window.

If there are two instances of uT running, highlight one and then click on the "End Process" button at bottom right; repeat for as many instances of uT as there are. Now restart one instance of uT normally.

It has happened to me that uT would either be very slow to shut down or even not completely shut down and remain as an "in the background" task and a new process would not show a window when I would restart the following week (my uT is on Mon-Thu 24hr).

I hope this takes care of your problem.

I suggest you leave Task Manager on permanently as your first program, so you can check what is going on in your system at any moment.

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