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I have already downloaded the correct torrent--now I go to add in ADD A TORRENT box--the one that says SELECT ALL or SELECT NONE

I drag the torrent into there and the window remains blank--I can't see the contents--so I don't know what I need to select??

Do you know what I mean---

So instead of downloading the first Volume of a set --I have to download all of them??--COmputer is running short of space!!!!---eeek

Help !!-someone

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Everything works fine -I just can't select what files I want in the CONTENTS window.

I cannot select which files I want or don't want.--this is my only problem--

In other words --I will have to select for example---the whole cd as opposed to only one track

Does anybody know what I'm talking about??--I think I'm describing myself clearly enuff??

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