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Default Download Issue (external hd)


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I recently set my uTorrent default download location to a folder inside of my external HD (to save disk space on my HD) everything was fine until..

I downloaded a 15gb file, not having my external plugged in at the time. uTorrent did not notify me that the location wasn't valid nor did it prompt to relocate. It went on downloading, and after the download was complete I subconsciously removed the torrent from seeding and quit uTorrent. It was then I realized the hard drive wasnt plugged in. I figured it would just redirect the download to my computers HD "download" folder. It wasnt there. And the worst part is now my computers HD has 15 less gigs, unaccounted for. I've ran non-stop searches looking for the files. I've got nothing. I am certain the files are somewhere on my HD, though I cannot find them.

Any ideas on where these files may have redirected to? Or will they just remain as ghost files on my computer forever?

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Download Tinkertool. (It's free).

Run it and tick the box that says "Show hidden and system files". Click the button to relaunch Finder.

Look at the Root level of you hard drive for a folder (that is normally hidden) called "Volumes". In that folder, there will be severl alias to hard drives and there will also be a real folder with the same name as your external drive. In that you will find your 15 gb file.

Drag that folder to your desktop.

Plug in that external drive and make sure it mounts with its proper name by looking in "Volumes" for an alias with the name of the hard drive. It has to be the actual name, and not the name with something added to the end. In other words "External Drive" not "External Drive -1".

Anything in that folder you dragged to your desktop will be what utorrent wrote when your external was not connected.

When you have all this done, make sure and run TinkerTool again, uncheck the box that says "Show hidden and system files". Click the button to relaunch Finder.

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