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Sorry for just one more speed problem question... (noob)


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Last week I accidently deleted a 6.5gb file in the middle of a download. Rather slow, it had taken the better part of half a day and was 33% done. A bit pissed at myself, I then started downloading the file again and noticed it was extremely slow. We're talking a best of 5kb slow!

So far it's been running eight hours a day for a week and it's only 66% done. Seeds are 5(6) and peers are currently 6(23). There are usually five or more peers showing they have 100% of the file but some of these show no connection at all and the others are a whopping .5kb or so.

What's strange here is today I downloaded a 1.5gb file that hit a high of 565kb and the file was done in less than an hour. It had less seeds and peers.

Since I'm new to this I don't have a clue. But I thought it was odd that this file was considerable quicker to download the first time and now it's a slug and other files dl just fine. I could only find this file listed one place and that wasn't using PB.

Any comments as to why this could be happening?


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