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Finished torrent still has !ut appended


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To reproduce this bug follow these steps:

-Turn on !ut appending to incomplete files

-Stop a finished torrent

-Change some of the priorities for the files in the torrent (anything except normal)

-Wait a little while (restarting utorrent might help)

-Try to open a file and you will get an error for opening !ut files

I ran into this problem because I use the file priorities to help remind me which shows I have already seen. I have the files sorted by priority and when I'm done I change that file's priority to low so it moves to the bottom. I really don't have very much upload bandwidth so most of my seeding torrents need to be stopped. However when I do this it will give me the !ut error, and once I click Play, they work fine.


I started using 2.0 instead and the bug shows up much less frequently. I'm not sure which actions trigger the bug but it seems it is harder to trigger it in 2.0. I have been using it for 4 days and only had the !ut problem once.

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