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µTorrent crashes on Vista Ultimate SP2 64x


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uTorrent crashes on Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 64x. I try to run it on HP ProBook 4515s NX478EA (ftp://www1.dcshop.ro/produse/pdf/18829.pdf), but it fails in a few seconds.

The system has no software firewalls installed or enabled. It has no antiviruses installed too. Internet-link set up via Wi-Fi from ZTE ZXV10 W300 ADSL-router. The ADSL-link speed is 2/0.25mbit, actual internet-speed is 256/256kbit.

The same problem happens with Azuerus (Vuze), but doesn't with BitComet (it really sucks but there's no way at the moment).

In the end, uTorrent's settings are default. The program crashes with DTH both enabled and disabled.

So, I ask you, the team and community, to solve this mistifying problem. :)

PS: any data requests are welcomed.

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