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Zero seeds?


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Recently I seem to have developed a problem, even though I didn't change any settings or anything. I have 5 torrents that have the blue 'Downloading' icon, but they aren't downloading. I have one torrent that says (in the 'Seeds' column):


Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 0 means that there are 0 seeders online, and 1857 seeders that aren't online? The torrent has been up for 19 hours but none of those 1857 people have logged on?

My upload speed however is fine, around 55 kb/s. The little green circle near the middle-bottom of the GUI sometimes changes to yellow or red, but my upload speed is unaffected. I've checked the Speed Guide, and it says that my port isn't forwarded properly. I've changed ports numerous times, checked my router and router settings, uTorrent settings, and still it says my port isn't forwarded properly, so now I just have uTorrent have that 'Auto' port thing selected. I've run Glasnost and passed the test with flying colors, so it can't be my ISP.

Any idea of what's going on?

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