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Complete pieces aren't written to disk


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Hi, last week I started getting problems with utorrent and my overloads (see this topic: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=66221). Now I have lowered every setting possible (max connections, download upload speed etc.) and set the cache to 1024 mb, but even now I have to sit at my computer and watch the screen to make sure nothing goes wrong.

I keep an eye on the download and as soon as one piece gets complete, I stop the download or pause it, make sure that that piece is written to disk and then I restart the torrent again. After I do this a few times, from then on the download goes as it is supposed to.

This worked for a few days, but now even that doesn't work anymore. When I download even one torrent at a speed of 90 KB (I used to download several torrents at about 4MB) when the first few pieces get completed, they aren't written away to the disk. So they just sit there for example at 256 blocks (when it's a 4mb piece) and if I don't stop the download, I get a disk overload. I have a very stable system, I can play Crysis at high settings without a glitch. Unpacking rar files etc also goes without a glitch. I just have problems with utorrent. What can I do to fix this issue, anyone any similar problems or experience with something like this?

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I presume you are talking about the "Disk Cache" section of the Advanced settings section of uT.

Click on the last two lines of that page so there is a check mark in each box. and reduce the number in the top line to 32MB then uncheck that line. The client should then make use only of the disk's cache and not use RAM for a cache. (The last two lines saw to the fact that uT should not use computer RAM for a cache. Especially if you're playing games while downloading.)

Make sure lines "Write out untouched blocks every 2 minutes" and "Write out finished pieces immediately" have a check mark in them. This should take care of your problem.

Your ideal setup would be to get a second computer strictly for your uT with two dedicated drive 500GB or better and connect that to a router. Then you would use the web UI to access that computer from you main one, set up the torrents you want to DL and then forget about that. Leave that uT computer on all the time and transfer completed files to your main computer for reading, burning, playing, etc...

Better yet, if you can afford it, get a small server and put in hard drives as you can afford them.

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Thnx for your help. I had it set up like you are telling me to, but that way I had problems, so that's why I changed some settings. I have changed everything back like you describe and will see how it goes.

I don't play games and use utorrent at the same time, mostly I only have utorrent on when I go to sleep or when I'm at work, when I sit behind my pc I stop utorrent.

Since a while I have a total of 5tb of hd space, until now I used to have 4tb, could this be too much for my system to handle?

Here is my system:

Case: Coolermaster Cosmos S

PSU: Corsair 1000w

Mobo: Asus P5Q Pro

Processor: Quad Core q9450

Grafx: EVGA 275 GTX FTW Edition

HD's: 3 x 1tb WD (2 green edition, 1 black edition with os) + 1 x 2tb hitachi

Win7 32 bit

Nothing is overclocked, everything is as it came from the shop. I get the overload problem on all disks, first I thought it was the hitachi hd, but that one is actually the one that has it least. The 1tb black edition with my os on it is around 3 weeks old, othe hitachi one is around 6 months old and the other two wd hd's are around 2 years old.

Like I said it's a very robust pc and can handle anything without a glitch, except this problem now with utorrent.

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It is not the same problem, first I had a disk overload that wouldn't go away, now I have the problem that complete pieces aren't written to disk, the two might be related, but I experienced it as a new problem. So it wasn't anything but that. Then i wanted an answer about what I should do to get rid of the disk overload at that moment (tho no one replied quick enough), now I want an answer about what I should do about pieces that aren't written to disk. If this is wrong, delete this post and I will continue on the old one.

My setup now looks like this:


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"The client should then make use only of the disk's cache and not use RAM for a cache."

Actually, with those settings it will almost always be using 32 MB ram for disk caching of uTorrent torrents.


Uncheck Turn off read caching if upload speed slow.

Uncheck Remove old blocks from the cache.

It's not the read cache that's causing problems directly. If anything, not being able to fetch data from the read cache and instead having to read from the disk slightly more often as a result could delay the writes slightly longer.

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Thnx for the help everyone. Switeck, I have followed your suggestions, I hope it will help me get rid of this stupid problem.

I have also tried checking the 'run as administrator' checkbox in the compatibility settings of utorrent (by rightclicking on utorrent.exe and going to compatibility tab) and then when I started utorrent, windows asked me if I want to give utorrent permission to alter my system. It didn't ask that before. So I am starting to wonder: could my problem be related to the idiotic win7 UAC settings? It blocks many programs to write stuff to my disks, I've disabled UAC completely and will see if it helps or not. Some time ago I discovered that UAC was even disabling the SMART function in speedfan, which made me almost think that the hd's I bought werend SMART capable. If this is the case maybe a general announcement may be in place?...

[Edit:] I don't know what did it, but I have downloaded with 1MB speed for a while and nothing went wrong. Thnx for all the help everyone, I hope this will be the end of it. :D

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I know this is a year old but its the same problem

I'm using v3.0 Build 25460 32-bit

when a piece is complete it just stays that way and it doesn't get written

I tried all the suggestion and it didn't help

I'm using an external H.D and now I'm moving the downloads to the internal one

and here is how its like:


[Edit] never mind I just downloaded the 64-bit version and restarted my PC and everything is back to normal. Except the Rating tab when I click on it the program crashes. which is not that big deal but I just wanted to report that btw I'm using win7 64-bit

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same problem! I have pieces sitting and not beeing written untill the disk cache is full, either when set to 32 mb, auto or 1800 mb. It gets full, utorrent then takes a break and waits and waits, and after 2 minutes it decides to write those pices to the disk and resume downloading. It is frustrating. I am currently running utorrent 2.2.1, I've had same problems with any 3.x.x.x version or build.

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