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Hello all new to forums and just thought I would drop in and say hello and voice some concerns.

Not sure about all of you but I have only been into the torrents for a few months and I have noticed a few things that bug me.

I am not a leech I always seed as a matter of fact I have my uTorrent set to unlimited bandwidth for uploads.

It just seems to me that the amount of seeders are out there, just seems that people are kinda selfish with there upload bandwidth making some downloads very slow at times.

I also see sometime that I am seeding a file that I am downloading at the same time and it is always faster on the upload side if things, like lets say a 300 meg file seeding/upload is at 290k+ but the download is only running around 45k something just does not seem right about that especially when there are supposed to be 1500+ seeders.

Is this something that has been going on for a long time and should I be selfish to, I think that if I have the bandwidth I should be seeding as much and fast as I can.

What are your thoughts on this.



Edit Didn't think so....:D

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