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Uploading speed problems


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Well i am currently having some uploading problems. When i first run my Utorrent and begin to seed some torrents, my uploading speed reaches around 350 - 450 kb/s but then drops down to about 250 kb/s every single time. I've been watching it for a few days and it always drops down and stays there "doesn't pass 250 anymore after it drops down, like a cap or something" for some reason. I changed my settings many times to see if anything would change but it does not. I even ran that test to see if my isp is throttling but says its not so i dont know whats the problem. Anyone know what i can do to fix this? Thanks..



These are my current settings and I've unchecked some of them since i use private trackers but did no affect to my upload speed as i was having the same problems before the changed settings. "also set max half open to 50 + did a patch so my pc had half open at 50, did no affect to uploading speed"




Green connection icon: yes

Connected directly to modem "no router": yes

Exception on firewall: yes

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