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Upload speed fast than download and Disk Overloaded 100%


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Hey everyone,

I have a 25/5 line, FiOS. When I download I get the Disk Overloaded 100% a lot and then my downloads go to 10 k. Also, my upload speed will sometimes be 1.0 mb while my dowload will be 100 k, which is around where it stays most of the time. I have seen my download get as high as 1.8 mb though, however rare that may be. I've opened my ports and changed the chache to 64 and changed the maximum opened connections. I am not sure what else to do. Right now I am moving down at around 170 and up at about 700. Any suggestions? By the way, I have Windows XP Pro and 140 GB of free space left. Any help you could provide would be great, thank you!

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