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utorrent works on LINUX!


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I found out that there is a way to use utorrent under linux.

First I tried it with wine, but it wouldn't connect to the net.

Then I tried it with Cedega (WineX) and it works!

Cedega is based on wine but it's made to 'emulate' windows games.

It costs ( :( ) about 15 dollars per month.

But I'm sure you can find it on the net.

I used Cedega 5.0.1 with an update to 5.0.3 and I just pressed Install and selected utorrent.

Hopefully this will help Linux users.

Edit by Firon:

The normal Wine runs it now, and does so much better than Cedega. BSD can run it as well.

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Nope, i'm still downloading (2 torreents now, and more than 1000 files) and it still works.

The only thing is that i get the NAT error, but i think i have to coonfigure my firewall on Linux (when i found out how).

But it works (around 15KB/s, so that is not bad I guess)

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I also got the latest uTorrent beta working today in the standard WINE, however it could not connect to the tracker (Worked fine in windows), so it was pretty much useless. Everything else seemed to work fine, though..

The bad thing was, it was using 100% usage.. so even if someone does find a fix to the connection problem, most won't use it until the official port.

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I have problem with Cedega and µtorrent. When I install µtorrent in Cedega, I can use it one time, but when I close µtorrent, it will not start again.

I would recommand kTorrent to Linux. It misses DHT, it is worked on but there seems that the programmers find it hard to do, what the programmers on µtorrent properply wont second ;)

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Got µtorrent to work in Linux with Cedega. It flickers a little but other than that it looks ok.

At #11 cedega is build on wine which is the emulater and it uses about 300 mb VIRTUAL memory, it is not the same as memory in windows. to read more about memory in Linux http://home.earthlink.net/~jknapka/linux-mm/vmoutline.html

The cpu use is about 1%

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Another User (ME) got it working on Linux with Cedega ... I'll let you guys know if I come across any problems.

The only thing I've noticed so far is that the "blue highlight" of a selected line only reverts back to white on the first colom (torrent name)... the rest of the line stays blue even when not selected... not a big deal, cosmetic only in my mind.

The ANT...

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I've been running cedega 5.1+utorrent 1.4.2Beta on ubuntu breezy.

The throughput is excellent - no problems on my ADSL2+ connection.

Under advanced, I have turned off diskio.flush_files and

set diskio.write_queue_size to 16384.

Before I changed those settings my throughput would drop dramatically

when checking files. May be partly because it is a laptop harddrive.

Preallocation of files does not work - the files are created at the correct

size, but they are sparse files.

I have not yet found a way to automatically add torrents.

I have tried using "Automatically load torrents in directory", but the files just

sit there and are never picked up.

I tried

>cedega utorrent.exe xxxx.torrent

which caused the the already running utorrent to crash.

The "blue highlight" is not the only display artifact, there seems to be a bigger drawing problem. For example, if I leave the torrents sorted by upload speed for a while, the screen gets quite messed up as the torrents are rearranged.

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@theant: That's probably due to column highlighting. The highlight tells you which column is the current one that the list is being sorted by. If you're using a LCD, you might not notice the light gray (I have to look at it from an angle on my computer to notice it too).

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i try it with cedega 4.4, but it freeze and it doesn t seem to unfreeze when you wait, i will try again and grive you more details.

[edit] :

Excuse my english i'm french and not use to speak english.

ok so it works well, and i have few bugs like some part of the programm are hidden, and when a window is over cedega one, or if you change space work, it seems to freeze but it doesn't and if you clik in the toolbar on hide/display (systray icons) it works well.

I hope you can understand what i have written and if it doesn't ask me i will try to make me better understand.

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