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utorrent works on LINUX!


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so lets sum it up

1 You cant right click the up and down load speeds to change the up and down caps. (sheduler and DHT shows on a whole bar)

2 there are no icons on the tabs though the option is enabled. (wine and Cedega)

3 tray icon minimizing craziness :

-Tray icon shows in its own window under Gnome with Wine, but it shows in "Notification Area" with Cedega !?!? (Cedega on the other hand does not display minimize button :P)

- if you enable "show tray" and "tray minimizing", then minimizing works properly ONLY when clicking tray icon/selecting "hide/unhide" form tray menu. Minimizing with the minimize button will hide uTorrent, but clicking on uTorrent "Window List" button will display EMPTY window, clicking on tray icon will display uTorrent window with cropped width.

-minimizing and maximizing with tray icon always changes uTorrents window position a little up and left (wine and Cedega)

4 flickering (wine and Cedega)

5 under Speed tab you can change options with mouse wheel, under Windows it has immediate effect, under wine and Cedega mouse wheel scrolls options, but does not change them

6 uTorrent doesnt exit properly under Cedega (it hangs)

>7 sometimes under wine uTorrent tells me to change port because its blocked, when I try to scan from

>outside nothing listens on the port I got in options, restarting uTorrent repairs that bug (I'v seen it twice

>today while fiddling with different configurations and restarting quite often)

nope, it just needs time to display green network ok icon, its instant in windows tho

anyone got something new?

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Never thought I'd say this, but here I am in Ubuntu with the ugliest-ass version of uTorrent I've ever set my eyes on... working.

Had to fuck around with a few different options... funny how Wine emulates disk drives. At least I was able to painlessly move my torrents over from the Windows versions of everything... kinda nice seeing teh U running under teh Tux.



Isn't it cute? :D

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Hi guys.

I can't open utorrent file. I am still downloading it, but I should be able to open it at least. The real player says unexpected file format and vlc media player is n't working either. Is it true that you can't open torrent unless it is fully downloaded or what should I do ? Thanks.

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@Rahulss: >>Is it true that you can't open torrent unless it is fully downloaded<< Yes. >>what should I do ?<< First: Read the topic of the thread before posting! Second: Read the announcement directly over the window where you composed your message: "This forum is NOT for help with videos, games, movies, or anything you've downloaded!"

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I do hope tht utorrent works on GNU/Linux distros. Hopefully they make it open source as closed source seems to take more time & effort on GNU as things move pretty fast there. Also would give impetus to have more utorrent clones & therefore improve GUI-based visibility of bittorrent on GNU. I n fact with the kind of archiving utilities the binary could be made so more smaller. I would be eager to see how do they work out . I wish these guys had a blog or something so we would've some idea when things will move there. I'm so looking forward to dump windows & move to ubuntu or mepis. The only thing stopping utorrent :(

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Well I have UTorrent running under WINE 0.9.19 on my Ubuntu 6.06LT machine all appears to be running sweet.

All I need to do now if find out where the files are so I can change the icons from their nasty default ones to my prefered set. (Note .. Sorted :) )

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DHT is disabled, its something I don't use. As I say, works fine for everything I use it for.

System Tray works fine on wine 1.19, just need a KDE app open(with systray icon), which I always have anyway, as I use Kvirc.


The system tray problem is because wine has not yet added support for the freedesktop standard that GNOME uses. I did see it in a wine bug report but can't find it, its something that will be fixed in time. The above fix works fine however, any KDE systray icon will solve the problem for you.

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So, I'm confused now... And excuse me if it is in this thread (maybe admin can move my post to different place) but I think that I've found really experienced fellas in one place ;)

I'd like to build a little network:

1 machine as a linux router & firewall & uTorrent on it + 2 other machines connected to internet via this "linux router". Could You, guys advice me what hardware/software configuration WILL WORK??

I mean: what hardware requirements (MB of RAM, MHz of CPU etc.) and what Linux distribution, what ver. of WINE or different approach to keep uTorrent working best????

I know that BEST it could be with super-duper newest CPU and gig of RAM etc. but this 1-st machine will only divide internet (with firewall) and keep uTorrent working...

Note: working uTorrent is the priority ;)


:) uTorrent rulez!!

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Ultima: I have for this occasion some 166 MHz Pentium with AT old type mainboard with 2x32MB SDRAM (only 2 already occupied slots) & 5x PCI slots and 4x ISA. There will be 1-2 HDD 13-40GB and some CD-ROM.

I don't know if it will be sufficient (or should I upgrade something?). Somewhere it was written that Wine & some p2p client required 100% of CPU and huge amount of memory...

Could You check (in some way) how much system resources occupies uTorrent under Wine? And on what system?


:) uTorrent rulez!!

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