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Would be nice to see a global RSS filter... For example...

If i never wanted to download anything that had "DVDR", or "webrip" in the name of the file, I could enter *DVDR*|*webrip* in the "Not" field like i do currently...

But with 50 odd RSS filters set up, its a pain in the ass to go through every single one and add *DVDR*|*webrip* into each "Not" field...

Would be great if there was a way of having a global "Not" field (or other filter settings, such as quality) that applied to every single RSS filter...

This global "Not" field would of course be in addition to the "Not" field set specifically for each RSS filter... Such as:

Filter 1.

Filter: House*

Not: *desperate*|*S01*|*S02*|*S03*|*S04*|*S05*

Filter 2.

Filter: Heroes*

Not: *S01*|*S02*|*S03*

Global Not: *German*|*webrip*|*DVDR*|*complete*


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