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Downloadspeed capped


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So yeah, after i got back from my vacation the download speed seemed to be capped from what used to be 500-600 Kb/s to what is now between 150-170 kb/s. This fucks me up alot, especially since im a heavy p2p user who seeds much AND the fact that i use Steam, which now won't let me go over 150-170kb/s :((

I've tried various things, including ultimas guide, different tricks, all the hints on the forum and whatnot. Heck, I've even changed the router. Im running glasnost as we speak and gonna do the speedtest after that. All help would be grately appreciated!

Results from glasnost say that there is no indication that my ISP limits my p2p

Results from speedtest:


I dont get it!:(

Will add though, that it seems that the problems started when our new router came, it's a Netgear WNR2000, which should work fine, but all my speed is gone.

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