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Virgin Media throttling my P2P traffic . confirmed


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Up to the 18.01.2010 my internet traffic has only ever been throttled during peak times if I go over the total allowable thresholds for the BS15 - Bristol UK area. This has always been a cap on all traffic.(Fair usage policy) So.. on my 20meg package..

When I am not being throttled I get around 2200 kB/s down & 120 kB/s up

When I am being throttled I get around 500 kB/s down & 20 kB/s up

Today I noticed that I appeared to be having some speed issues whilst using UT and checked all the obvious things. My speeds on UT were 500kB/s down & 6kB/s/up. I ran a number of different speed tests and all of them confirmed that my full bandwidth was available... 687466126.png at 13:29 BST 19.01.10.

My speeds in UT just before the test was 350 kB/s down & 6.5k/bs up.

So i called VM and asked them if they were "shaping / throttling" P2P traffic rather than all traffic based on their "fair usage" policy.

After being put on hold for a while, here was their response.

I asked for a direct answer..i.e. Yes or No to the question "Are VM currently restricting bandwidth for P2P / Bit Torrent traffic." I could not get a direct answer but I received the following statements

Vm do not support peer to peer internet traffic for certain types of sites and hardware / software

Vm cannot guarantee speeds on certain types of p2p traffic

When pushed for a direct answer the guy said "if you are getting full speeds with everything else I think that answers your question"

Looks like that's the best answer I will get.

Clearly this is a change in the way VM handles their internet traffic, can anyone else confirm that this is happening please?

I have 11 months to go on my contract.

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