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active download set to 100, but only 3 are actually active


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i guess my problem is similar to this http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=66505

i have active torrents: 100

active downloads: 100

download rate: unlimited

global and connections per torrent: 999999

i went and started about 8 torrent files and only 3 are downloading at one time, i even set them all to force download. this wasnt a problem before my computer crashed and i had to reinstall utorrent. typically i can reach 1.5Mb/s but with only 3 active it hovers around 650 so this isnt at the same efficiency.

my network status is a green checkmark

thanks for the help

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ok i found a chart about settings according to your upload speed, i clocked in at 3700kbps; i went with

4 mbit/sec ? 400? 10? 70? 350? 14? 10

my active downloads jumped from 3 to 8 which is nice and download speed is 250 and climbing.

interesting how the proper settings work and not just setting them at MAX POWER lol.

after about 10 mins the speed hasn't gotten past 400 kbs. what can I do to make it faster without making the settings crazy again

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