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different color on 'done' column to depict actual download percentage


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if not all of the torrent is selected for download, the current system still shows 100 percent when the download is complete.

However, this can be a bit misleading sometimes when only one of four of the files have been selected and downloaded.

When this occurs can we not have a bit of yellow (for example) in the 'Done' bar (overlayed over the blue) as a representation of the actual percentage of the complete torrent which has 100 percent completed (but still keep the 100 percent system as it is in all other respects - as what you have actually asked to be downloaded will still say 100 percent).

Hopefully this can be authorised because sometimes, when I am low on disk space, I only select one or two of the choices to save on diskspace and it would be nice to easily see which ones were selected in this way to avoid confusion and help prevent people forgetting that they did not actually download the entire torrent (if that is what they wanted to do)

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